Unnamed was an American music group, formed in 2005 by Houston-native Daniel GreyTyler AminAmelia WatkinKyle Crane, and A.J Lawerence. The band's first concert tour took place in the cities near the Pennsylvania area, including areas

James Grey performing during the Unbeatable tour

such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The group released their second album in 2010 before expanding into the international scene with their first world tour, The Forever Lonely Party.

The band's frequent label switches caused a lack of global tours, with the band primarily retaining to the North American locations. Following lead singer Daniel Grey's departure from the group and a move to Atlantic Records, the band performed the Unbeatable world tour with vocalist Tyrel O'Reily. This was the group's final tour on any scale, with Grey's death and the collaborative Unnamed4Ever tour being considered a joint effort.

With Daniel GreyEdit

* indicates instances where the singer did not attend the tour's entirety

With Tyrel O'ReilyEdit

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