Trouble in Paradise is the third episode of the first season of the show, Roommates

Andrew questions his brother's priorities. Kylie and Jazmin struggle to find a job in the town.


Brendon and Andrew are discussing the night before and the issues at hand. Andrew voices his complaints over his brother's growing connection of the girls, and how their immaturity could lead to more problems along the road. The two continue this discussion over breakfast, and decide to go to the park. They realized they are forgetting something: Logan.

While the brothers head to bail out their friend, Kylie and Jazmin grow jealous of Gladys after learning of her new job at the local library. Both girls majored in cosmetology and were qualified for any sort of makeup or hair dressing job. They begin their search through town, getting rejected consistently by various shops.

Logan laments about his time in jail to Andrew and Brendon, despite only being within a cell for less than a day. They all arrive at the park, and sit down at a nearby bench to go over the problems with their living arrangement. Brendon attempts to persuade them to give the girls a chance, while Logan shoots back constantly, saying they were given the house fair and square. Andrew, however, begins loosening up after hearing his brother's pleas.

Kylie and Jazmin eventually stop at a local coffee shop to rest after their search. While in line, a woman cuts in front of the pair, prompting a heated exchange. Kylie, in a fit of anger, dumps her drink onto the woman, who then storms out of the building. The two are subsequently kicked out, as well.

While heading home, the trio encounters Kylie and Jazmin walking towards another destination. Logan suggests they try finding a place at Michelle's Salon, as he regularly visits there. He receives confused stares from his friends, but they agree anyway. Kylie and Jazmin enter the salon, and find that the boss is the woman they had argued with at the coffee shop. To prove their worth, they handle the remainder of her clients for the day. They earn the job, but are instead given cleaning duties for their first month on the job.

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  • Michelle

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Notable event(s)Edit

  • Kylie and Jazmin get jobs at Michelle's Salon.
  • Gladys gets a job at the library.
  • Logan is bailed out of jail.
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