The Pitiful Ones was the fourth studio album by the band, Unnamed. The band produced four music videos for the singles: PompousThirstyCall Me When You're Deadand Delux. It was officially released September 4th, 2014, after major leaks and hacks occured that revealed the contents of the record early. This did not affect sales, however, as it is the second-highest sold album by the band, behind Party in Miami. It is the first album to not feature Daniel Grey, frontman and lead vocalist, and instead fronts newcomer Tyrel O'Reily as a guitarist and singer.


Recording for the album began early 2013, shortly after the departure of Danny. The band had various production issues, including social media hacks, merchandise drawbacks, and lack of funding. This would later cause the group to leave current labels Interscope and Polydor, in favor of The Pitiful One's producer, Logic's, own label instead. 

With hip-hop centered artist Logic, and pop/R&B singer Usher helping produce the album, Unnamed shows a modern style of rap, and integrates it with a pop style.


No. Title Length
1. Pompous 3:20
2. Before We Leave 4:40
3. Thirsty 3:11
4. Combo 2:45
5. Pride and Hennessy 3:57
6. gangsta.mp4 3:50
7. Slasher 4:18
8. On Me (Tonight) 3:31
9. Run-on 4:10
10. Delux 2:50
11. Patience 3:39
12. The Clock 5:01
13. Call Me When We're Dead 3:40
14. Immortale 4:01



  • Tyrel is the first member to not wear a mask on tour.
    • Despite this, he is present with a silver mask in all music videos.
  • The song, On Me (Tonight)was meant for the band's previous album, Archangel.
    • This explains the song containing background vocals of Daniel Grey, in which the song attempts to drown his voice out.
  • This album is the first to not feature an Itunes Pre-order bonus
    • This is due to the hacks of the previous year, which also affected Archangel, that halted sales.
      • This is also the first and only Unnamed record to not have a deluxe edition.
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