The Lonely Night EP (commonly abbreviated as TLN) was the debut extended-play for the band Unnamed, and a revision of the original tracklist written by Daniel Grey. It features the songs from the Octo EP before it's intial 2015 release (excluding The Will). The Lonely Night is the first record to contain all of the main vocalists.


The extended play is a remake of the tracklist from Octo EP, excluding The Will. At the time of it's release, TLN's songs were considered new material. Once Daniel Grey left the group, his father's label acquired the rights to Octop EP and released it.

TLN was delayed in 2007 due to a legal dispute with the RIAA in which the band saw an explicit warning detrimental to their album sales. The case was settled over a year of deliberation. With the band refusing to change the content of their songs, the issue was dropped.

TLN charted within the top 100 of Billboard 200 and held the position for two weeks. This strong reception paved way to a new style of music within the band, seeing no limitations from the RIAA or label. Their growing success eventually prompted an early successor to the extended play, Forever Nothing.


No. Title Length
1. No Commitment 4:24
2. Hearteater 3:14
3. Puppet Strings 3:30
4. Her Eyes 3:16
5. Backstage 3:16


Trivia Edit

  • The album was released on Twitch under Unnamed's official account, where they do various a cappella streams and performances.
  • Danny personally saw that The Will be excluded from TLN, as he would release on his debut solo album, Stories from Smith Street.
  • This was the only record by Unnamed that included lyrics from Crane.
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