Suzy's Law is the second episode of season one in the show, Badscape

The brothers meet the administration of Badscape. Marcell moves into Chepstow. Damo encounters Racer.


Damo and Marcell are shown on horseback from their capture by the hunters. Arriving in a small river-side town, the men stop and toss their prisoners into the mud in the middle of the town square. They call for a member of the administration to decide the fate of the two, noticing that they did not arrive at the island through the public portal.

The two are taken inside to an office, hands still tied, and sat down. A member of the government ranks, Seymore, introduces himself, and explains that they were in custody due to their unprecedented appearance on the island. He goes over the protocol for newcomers, and states that the duo must abandon their search for other survivors of Salegonia, as they are the only ones found. Marcell agrees to the rules and chooses to take on the job of a miner, but Damo becomes agitated and attempts to attack Seymore, and is once more bagged and taken away from the building.

Marcell is met by a young woman named Ashe, who introduces herself as his guide and neighbor. She takes him out of the Durnastel and to his new plot of land in Chepstow, and once more goes over the newcomer protocol. Ashe explains that he must provide for himself, building his own home and providing himself with food, but must give a portion of his product to the Badministration. Marcell notices his arm wrapped with gauze, and removes it, finding a small, transparent screen embedded into his wrist. Ashe explains the screen keeps track of his belongings and their amount, and shows how much money he currently owned. The two arrive at Chepstow, and begin the base of his home.

Damo awakens in a cell, and bangs on the bars with the hilt of his broken sword. Two guards and another member of the administraton, Racer, enter the chambers. He explains that Damo must comply with the protocols and guidelines of Badscape, or will face death or exile. Wishing to stay within the same lands as his brother, Damo complies and is released. His own guide, Deutz, takes him to his plot in Kilda Forest. 


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  • Damo and Marcell meet the administration.
  • Marcell meets Ashe and moves into Chepstow.
  • Damo is temporarily incarcerated by Racer, but is then released to Deutz and taken to Kilda Forest.
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