Stories from Smith Street, stylized as St., is the first studio album by the artist, Daniel Grey, under his father's label, Grey Records. The album was recorded and produced just months after Daniel Grey's band, Unnamed, released their first album. Writing and recording took place during the tour for the aforementioned record, with fellow bandmate A.J Lawerence assisting and being featured on four of the tracks.

The album was the last record from any member of Unnamed to be produced under Grey Records, after a highly publicized dispute between Grey and his father prompted himself and the band to sign with labels Interscope and Polydor.


The album was originally proposed by Mason Grey to his son during the beginning of Unnamed's tour for Forever Nothing. Daniel Grey initially was hesitant, wishing to commit fully to performances and development of Unnamed's next record. His father, widely known for his abusive and forceful behavior, supposedly forced Daniel into starting the album's recording.

Grey began working on instrumentals in Unnamed's mobile studio, and played nearly every instrument and mixed the music on his own. Becoming interested in Grey's new project, bandmate A.J Lawerence requested to be featured on the tracks. Seeing as this would bring spite to his father, who mentioned to steer away from any guest artists on his debut album, Grey quickly obliged and began writing alongside Lawerence.


No. Title Length
1. Step 1 - Intro 1:34
2. Troublemaker 3:09
3. On The Rise 3:22
4. Second Wave (feat. A.J Lawerence) 4:03
5. A Moment to Remember 2:55
6. Just A Moment (Interlude) 1:32
7. Our Way (feat. A.J Lawerence) 3:41
8. A9A9A9 3:16
9. Notes from Underground 4:00
10. Not An Option (feat. A.J Lawerence) 3:39
11. Stories from Smith Street 3:54
12. Slow Ember (Outro) 2:21


  • Daniel Grey - lead guitar, unclean vocals, vocals, percussion, programming, keyboards, synthesizer


  • This is the only album Daniel Grey produced that was never given it's own tour.
    • Tracks from the album were performed during future tours.
  • If one combines the Step 1 - IntroJust A Moment (Interlude), and Slow Ember (Outro), the choirs will align and sync together, creating a whole new track.
  • The eighth track, A9A9A9, is the HTML color code for dark grey.
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