Pilot is the first episode of season one in the show, Roommates.

Three college buddies and three spring-breakers must share a home after finding out they were both promised the property.


Andrew Wilkerson, Logan Reynold, and Brendon Wilkerson recently graduated from their prestigious universty in New York. Brendon receives a letter from a real estate agent, wishing to meet him and Andrew to discuss a house that was promised to the duo.

The agent informs them that they would receive the property for free, and that an unknown benefactor specifically secured the house for them. The group begins packing their dorms and heading to the house.

Meanwhile, this same situation is being enacted with three other graduates, albeit of more youthful personalities. Kylie Luibelle, Jazmin Michaels, and Gladys Jackson were all sent to the house after they were told that Kylie acquired the land in her grandfather's will. 

Both parties arrive at roughly the same time, and confusion ensues. Despite the situation, the entire house can accomodate for every one of their groups. They each unpack into their respective abodes, and meet in the living room to exchange introductions. Andrew and Logan take no liking to the trio of girls. Brendon, however, makes an instant connection with Gladys.

After the entire house was asleep, Kylie reaches to her bag to retrieve her phone. She then creates a large group chat, announcing a party for the next night.

Primary CharactersEdit

  • Andrew Wilkerson
  • Logan Reynold
  • Brendon Wilkerson
  • Kylie Luibelle
  • Jazmin Michaels
  • Gladys Jackson

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Riley
  • Trent

Guest AppearancesEdit


Notable event(s)Edit

  • Both groups move into the residence.
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