Octo EP was an extended play of an album released by the Grey Academy-based band, the Unnamed. It was originally recorded as a solo EP by Unnamed's frontman, Daniel Grey, when Unnamed was still more of a nickname than a band. Once more members joined, the songs were revised into a new extended play featuring all vocalists. 


The EP was recorded in 2004, while Danny Grey was still in middle school. It was planned to be the debut EP of his own persona, Unnamed, but it was scratched in favor of creating hybrid verses to include his new band mates after meeting them at tutoring sessions. He originally had the EP's tracks hosted on a custom website, in which he later removed. Octo EP was going to be released as a hype-up for the band's first studio album, Forever Nothing, but three of the five tracks were leaked. It was officially released on October 1st in 2015.


No. Title Length
1. No Commitment 4:24
2. Heartafter 3:14
3. Puppet Strings 3:30
4. Her Eyes 3:16
5. The Will 3:05
6. Backstage 3:16


  • Daniel Grey - guitar, bass guitar, percussion, mixing, clean vocals, unclean vocals


  • Daniel made the entire album from scratch, recording each instrument at different times
  • The only song that didn't make it onto The Lonely Night EP was The Will
    • The reason was revealed by Daniel, stating "he wrote that one specifically for himself, and it might be featured in his solo work in the future"
  • The EP was originally called "Boredom", as it was mainly produced when Daniel got bored.
    • It was changed when Grey Records wanted to the release the album in October, branding it "Octo EP"
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