Haven Baseball Association (HBA) is a professional baseball organization based within the United States and Canada. The league is divided between the Southern League (SL) and the Northern League (NL), each containing 10 teams for a total of 20. Each league contains two subdivisions, the East Coast and North/South divisions. 

The league was comprised after entrepreneur, and current Commissioner, Bradley Harrelson bought multiple freelance Club organizations under his brand, Haven. The league began it's first season in 2004 without any separating divisions or a calculated schedule. After Harrelson used funds from his already-successful bowling organization to buy Little League Baseball, the HBA boomed in popularity with the lowered age limit in the league.

In 2011, the HBA set the age cap to 25 years old to allow formidable players to enter the MLB as a free agent. All players are granted an opt-out clause when they reach age 18 if they wish to pursue college baseball. 

Currently, the league is comprised of all U.S based teams (the Guardians play their home games in Vancouver) and an age limit of 15 - 25. Teams play a 120-game season and a postseason to reach the best-of-seven Haven Cup Finals. The league also elects all-stars to play in the All-Star Tournament a month before Opening Day. Players are elected based on their previous season stats. 

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