Forever Nothing is the first studio album of the band, Unnamed. It was released January 10th, 2008, under Grey Records. The band released five music videos for the singles featured on the album: Malice, Remember the Cries, Her Soul, Loud Silence, and fuckboy.mp4. It sold a half-million copies in it's debut week.


Forever Nothing was written mostly by lead guitarist and lead vocalist Daniel Grey and lead female vocals Amelia Watkin. Half of the songs featured on the album were meant for the unreleased album The Lonely Night. Grey Records remastered songs from Boredom EP (now known as Octo EP) and made TLN's original tracklist into Forever Nothing.

In 2016, Grey Records gained rights over Forever Nothing and all of the EPs. They re-released the album, adding four songs originally meant for the deluxe edition, but were never completed and scrapped entirely.


No. Title Length
1. Malice 2:50
2. Remember the Cries 3:43
3. Her Soul 3:56
4. Loud Silence 4:11
5. fuckboy.mp4 4:01
6. Infection 2:56
7. Eille 3:21
8. MartyrAmerica 4:45
9. Pretty Machine 3:18
10. Nightlife 3:51
11. N.A.Y 3:12
12. Hold On 4:25

Deluxe EditionEdit

No. Title Length
13. Tears from a Rhythm 3:33
14. Enfinite 2:45

Re-release Edit

No. Title Length
15. The Sorrow 4:58
16. The Wild Ones 3:17
17. Twisted Dreamer 2:49
18. Bravemind 3:26



  • This is the first album to introduce masks.
    • The cover model pictured on the album is A.J Lawerence and his personal mask
  • The album was the quickest to reach the 1 Million copies sold milestone out of all the other albums, extended plays, and long plays.
  • It is the only official album produced under Grey Records by the band.
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