Forever Nothing is the first studio album of the band, Unnamed. It was released January 10th, 2008, under Grey Records. The band released five music videos for the singles featured on the album: Malice, Remember MeHer EyesLoud Silence, and fuckboy.mp4. The album is a follow up to their freshman effort, The Lonely Night EP.

The singles Remember Me and fuckboy.mp4 became commercially successful, and were featured in the summer film, Hancock


Forever Nothing was written mostly by lead guitarist and lead vocalist Daniel Grey and lead female vocals Amelia Watkin. A majority of the tracklisting was apart of a separate project simply known as crEation. In an interview with TIME, Watkin teased both Forever Nothing and crEation as upcoming records. With Grey Record's executive Mason Grey pushing a deadline for release, Forever Nothing was completed with the finished content of both projects.

The album debuted at number 90 on the Billboard 200 and sold 30,000 units in the first month of release. Singles Remember Me and fuckboy.mp4 saw extended commercial success with exposure from Hancock, despite the full album not yet being released at the time of their appearance in the movie. The latter single reached number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In 2016, Grey Records reaquired distribution rights to Forever Nothing. A re-release was issued, including the unfinished works from the original tracklist. The incomplete songs from crEation was rumored to be accompanying the new release, but were absent from the final product.


No. Title Length
1. Malice 2:50
2. Remember Me 3:43
3. Her Soul 3:56
4. Loud Silence 4:11
5. fuckboy.mp4 4:01
6. Infection 2:56
7. Eille 3:21
8. MartyrAmerica 4:45
9. Pretty Machine 3:18
10. Nightlife 3:51
11. I Can't Breathe 3:12
12. Hold On 4:25

Deluxe EditionEdit

No. Title Length
13. Tears from a Rhythm 3:33
14. Infinite 2:45

Re-release Edit

No. Title Length
15. The Sorrow 4:58
16. The Wild Bunch 3:17
17. Dreamers 2:49
18. Bravemind 3:26



  • This is the first album to introduce masks.
    • The cover model pictured on the album is A.J Lawerence and his personal mask
  • The album was comprised of two unfinished projects by the band.
    • Forever Nothing was one project, and the namesake, and the other was crEation.
  • It is the only official album produced under Grey Records by the band.
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