fin. is the sixth and final studio album by the band, Unnamed. It was released on October 23rd, 2019, approximately 12 years after the original release of the group's debut EP. It is the only album to be self-released by the band. Writing for original music on the tracklist began in 2018, and took a year to complete. Various artists and vocalists appear on the album to pay tribute to Daniel Grey.

fin. marked the return of former member Harmonic, and was produced by renowned artists such as Kanye West and Chris Martin. The purpose and intent of the album is to relive the memories and evolution of Unnamed, and for singers and the band to pay respect to Danny after his death in 2017.


The song is dominated by unreleased tracks and remixes of older singles. The Will makes it's first appearance on an official Unnamed album after being absent since Octo EP. Other songs that exclusively feature Danny include: Begin, On Me (Tonight), and Her Eyes. A duet between Danny and Petal that was previously meant for Archangel was included, being scratched from it's original release due to the tensions between the band. A rare recording of Danny and new singer Tyrel O'Reily was uncovered by the band's old label, Polydor, and was subsequently returned to the group. It was edited and completed through Kanye West's label.

A song that compiled the mp3. Saga was mixed by Jay-Z and included A Boogie wit da Hoodie and returning-guest artist Alex Turner. Different versions of several songs were placed on the album, including a remixed version of Unnamed, and it's unreleased 2004 version. 


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  • The album marked the first time Damon Albarn and A.J Lawerence worked on a project together before Lawerence's joining of Albarn's award-winning band, Gorillaz.
  • The record broke Billboard's Top 200 Albums leaderboard, staying in the Number 1 spot for two months, and Number 2 for three weeks after that.
  • The song Named was the swan song of the band's career, and a play on words to show the true end of the band.
    • In an interview while promoting the album, Jason Grey elaborates: "We are Unnamed, and the final song shows we have finally made a name for ourselves, hence the title and timing of the track."
  • fin. was originally meant to be a compilation album, featuring the singles from all the previous records and EPs.
  • The album was marketed and promoted as End of an Era before being abruptly changed to fin. a month before release.
    • This change remains unknown, but is speculated to be due to copyright infringements with Nightwish.
  • This was Chester Bennington's final appearance on an original song before his death.
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