Euphoria is the third and final studio album by Daniel Grey. The record is Grey's first since leaving former labels Interscope and Polydor in favor of joining frequent producer Kanye West's label, Def Jam. The album was released after Grey's departure from his long time band, Unnamed. Euphoria took the most amount of time to develop in Grey's career, taking nearly two years to record and produce.

The album was a commercial success in its early months, breaking 20 million units in May 2016, and continue to rise swiftly. This prompted an early tour announcement, Grey's first ever solo world tour, EuphoriaWorld. Following his death in 2017, album sales skyrocketed, with Euphoria standing as Grey's most sold album.


Grey, at the beginning of recording Euphoria, was still in Unnamed. During the height of the feud, the disgruntled artist began using a seperate studio from the band. This open area without toxicity caused Grey to begin recording a plethora of new songs. After leaving Unnamed, he claimed three of the solo songs set for their fourth album and produced them for Euphoria.

Similar to the style of Commercial Break, Euphoria is dominated by upbeat tunes and a futuristic feel, while continuing the include darker tracks, seen in Insomniatic. In various interviews about the album, Grey consistently mentions "broadening horizons, and staying as far away from 'genre stereotyping' as possible"


No. Title Length
1. Take My Hand - Intro 2:45
2. Another Day of Euphoria 4:50
3. Traverse the Abyss 3:11
4. A Way of Living 2:52
5. Hourglass 4:02
6. Side Perspectives 3:20
7. Watch Your Step (Interlude) 2:16
8. Insomniatic 4:00
9. Disappear 2:31
10. Displaced 3:19
11. Resurrection 2:59
12. Goldfinger 3:06
13. Approaching Epilogue 4:15
14. Listen 3:45
15. Look For Me 2:40
16. A State of Excitement (Outro) 4:35



  • The album became certified platinum in under five weeks, a feat by Daniel Grey.
  • The final track name, A State of Excitement, is the literal shortened definition of the word, euphoria.
  • The record is the first major role aspiring artist Mitchell Henson had in the industry.
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