Commercial Break is the second studio album by Daniel Grey and is a split album with Swedish DJ and artist Calvin Harris. The first half of the album features solo vocals by Grey, with the instrumentals produced by Harris. The remaining seven songs continue to feature Grey, but alongside artists Sia and Ne-Yo. Recording took place following the conclusion of Unnamed's world tour, The Forever Lonely Party.

The record became a milestone in both the careers of Daniel Grey and Calvin Harris, becoming the second highest selling record for Grey and the first for Harris, at 12 million units as of 2014. Following the death of Grey in 2017, Commercial Break was remastered by Harris and released with two unreleased songs.


After the completion of Unnamed's TFLP tour, Daniel Grey wished to continue working with Calvin Harris, who had been involved with the band for Party in Miami. Grey decided to make his second solo album a split album with Harris to avoid a high workload, having released four records for the past three years. Noting this, the two recruited guest artists in Sia and Ne-Yo to be included.

Recording for the album began in 2011 directly after Grey got off tour. With help from feature Sia, Grey's verses and parts were easily written and recorded. Grey's feud with Unnamed coincided with writing and the beginning of development for Unnamed's third album. Despite the purpose of the split album being to lighten Grey's workload, he was forced to also record his vocals for Unnamed while working on Commercial Break. 


No. Title Length
1. My Mind 3:45
2. Sunrise 3:11
3. Its Not The Destination 4:12
4. My Happiest Life 2:43
5. Poisons 3:00
6. Willing to Go 3:37
7. A Change in Broadcast 2:16
8. Memories (feat. Sia) 3:16
9. Keeping You Close (feat. Ne-Yo) 2:56
10. All Over You (feat. Ne-Yo) 4:10
11. Falling (feat. Sia) 3:50
12. The Day I Left (feat. Ne-Yo, Sia) 3:12
13. Tipping the Hourglass (feat. Sia) 2:34
14. All Over You - Acoustic Version (feat. Ne-Yo) 4:25


  • Daniel Grey - lead guitar, unclean vocals, vocals, keyboards
  • Calvin Harris - programming, mixing, keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
    • Sia - vocals, acoustic guitar
    • Ne-Yo - vocals, unclean vocals


  • Despite only 6 recorded explicit words were noted, the album was ceritifed explicit.
    • This caused a civil dispute between Calvin Harris and RIAA, stating that the tag would deter possible consumers.
  • The acoustic guitar heard in Ne-Yo's acoustic version of All Over You is played by Sia, although she is not credited on the track.
  • Daniel Grey reportedly recorded his 7 solo songs at the same time as him recording 4 of the songs on the Unnamed album, Archangel, meaning he managed to develop 11 songs over the course of one month.
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