Archangel, originally announced as Tyme and Wayste, was the third studio album by the band, Unnamed. It was released May 11th, 2012, under Interscope and Polydor. The band released three music videos for the singles: Worry LessCastledand Replay. The album marked mainly lineup and future lineup changes. Archangel was Daniel Grey's last appearance before his exit, and also introduces Tyrel O'Reily as a touring member. The record also lacks guitarist Harmonic, who deperated from the band prior to the writing of the album.


The album began production at the end of the band's highly marketed world tour, Forever Lonely in Miami. It's songs are written mainly by James Grey, brother of lead Danny, and the temporary (later permanent) guitarist. Archangel is produced by Tookay Bite, who also was the executive producer for Party in Miami


No. Title Length
1. Worry Less 3:41
2. Castled 4:01
3. Flower Bearer 3:29
4. Replay 4:00
5. Outside 3:13
6. Make Something 3:50
7. Flying High 3:35
8. Grey Hour 2:52
9. Strum 3:10
10. The 30-66 4:22
11. liar.mp4 2:50
12. The Story 3:33
13. Dialed 2:46
14. Not Here Forever 3:31

Deluxe EditionEdit

No. Title Length
15. A GREY World 4:03
15. Ease 3:11

Itunes Pre-OrderEdit

No. Title Length
16. ''Killjoy'' 3:07



  • Due to the disagreements between Danny and the band, he recorded all of his lyrics at a seperate location.
    • He is also missing from every music video, instead made up for by a newly made persona Vertrek
      • In Dutch, Vertrek roughly translates to departure
  • Petal has three songs solely sung by herself, the most on any album.
  • The album suffered various drops in sales due to a series of hacks on Apple and major music distributors
    • This attributed to the ending of the band's partnership with Itunes
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