Afterparty in Cuba was the fifth studio album produced by Unnamed. Four music videos were released for the singles: Cool OffWhen We Were NewYou Never Calland DeafIt was released on February 22nd, 2016, under new label Atlantic Records, due to the band ending their contracts with Interscope and Polydor after incidents with funding and merchandise drawbacks. 

It is the first album produced by the band to feature other artists, as Unnamed's former labels prevented any collaborations.


The majority of the tracks were produced in late-2015, but the band also recorded various songs during the Unbeatable tour. The song follows the styles and genres of its "predecessor", Party in Miami


It features a lineup of collaborating artists, such as Tyler, The Creator and Alex Turner. This is the first time singers outside of the band have been featured on an Unnamed album, as the band was prevented by their former labels from featuring collaborators.


No. Title Length
1. Cool Off 4:03
2. When We Were New (feat. Tyler the Creator) 4:22
3. You Never Call 3:11
4. Deaf (feat. Alex Turner, Logic) 3:45
5. New Light 4:12
6. drank.mp4 3:02
7. Magik (feat. Deuce, Tyler the Creator) 4:32
8. The Mighty Six 3:31
9. Millenia (feat. Alex Turner) 4:54
10. Bells of Havana 4:22
11. Phixie 3:55
12. Pigs In A Bay 3:39
13. Unnamed II 3:15
14. Chant the Name (feat. Young Thug, Logic) 4:42
15. Anaheim 3:27
16. My Life 2:54



  • The album features Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner as a collaborator, which began the long partnership between him and James Grey.
    • In a 2018 interview, Turner revealed that the band, before the death of Daniel Grey, had offered him membership after the disbandment of Arctic Monkeys. "I would've accepted on the spot under any other circumstance", He said.
  • All artists on the album were given specially designed masks to keep the Unnamed trademark.
  • This is the last album to feature any vocals from Kyle Crane. 
  • Many fans believe that Young Thug's lyrics hinted at an ill-fate towards a rival artist, "Change that color bitch, make it run red, ain't no mo dog gonna bother dis nigga head".
    • Furthermore, people have suggested the lyrics regarding color to be a nod to the last name of the Grey brothers, though Young Thug has denied all allegations.
  • This is the last album to be produced under an official label. The following remix records and album would be self-released.
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